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Gosselin Caucasus & Central Asia B.V.B.A

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Gosselin Caucasus & Central Asia B.V.B.A

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In 1930 Mr Lambert Vivet started a local moving company in Deurne. Later joined by Dolf Gosselin, the company was soon renamed Vivet-Gosselin. Putting more focus on international moves, the company was rebranded Gosselin Worldwide Moving in 1984, The company expanded organically its operations in Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia as well as through acquisitions of moving companies and agents. From the 90's onwards Gosselin steadily grew, especially with the military and diplomatic moves for the US government.

From the late 80's Gosselin started to diversify into logistics through several acquisitions of distribution and forwarding companies. In 2000 Gosselin Airfreight division was established at Brussels Airport. Shortly after that we started up the inland container terminal in Deurne in 2001.

By the mid 2000's Gosselin had quadrupled in size and included numerous legal entities. To enable further sustainable growth the Group was restructured in 2007 into two operational divisions: Gosselin Logistics and Gosselin Mobility.





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2003 Nomad Express with headquarters in Antwerp and offices in the Caucasus and Central Asia becomes newest member of the Gosselin Group.

2004 Gosselin acquires the companies ART (Forwarding) and Focus Transport Services.

2007 Gosselin Group re-alligns its activities into 2 divisions: Gosselin Moving & Gosselin Logistics Division.

2009 Pasec Port, specialized in lashing & securing cargo joins the Gosselin Group.

2011 Merger of Vivet-Gosselin and Gosselin Caucasus & Central Asia into Gosselin Moving.

2012 Gosselin Group acquires Crosstainer, specialised in traffic into and from China.

2013 Purchase of the Crown Cork facilities in Deurne.

2014 Start of Gosselin selfstorage in Deurne. Gosselin Group and the Heavy Group joined forces in a venture that will operate under the name "Heavy GCT NV".

2017 Gosselin Group and Heavy Group reinforce their services packages by setting up new holding company: Heavy Project Solutions. Gosselin Mobility and DT Moving merge their international moving operations. Gosselin Mobility acquires the moving activities of Packimpex.

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