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Linkage International Shipping and Forwarding LLC

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Linkage International Shipping and Forwarding LLC

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Dubai, Suite 308, Banivas Complex, Baniyas Square, Deira, Dubai

United Arab Emirates


~~Linkage International Shipping and Forwarding L.L.C

A privately owned company Linkage International Shipping and Forwarding (Import and Export) L.L.C, established in 1983 with it’s headquarter in Dubai UAE, location that offers premium logistics services to businesses worldwide.

We are a global leader in shipping and forwarding and logistics serving thousands of customers directly from all over the world.  We provide seamless integration of various transportation modes such as Sea, air and road freight, as well as diversified logistics services in warehousing., Material handling, re packaging with 24/7 security service.

We provide both Export and Import containers from all major ports of origin destination around the world.  We are experts in handling all your import and export needs from the Far-East, Middle East continent Arica and Europe.

With growing business , we have spread our wings to serve your shipment needs across the globe and partnered with some of the major  global sea and air courier in order to offer you a competitive rates and space allocation.

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